Welcome to QHHT Arizona. We offer in person QHHT sessions in Tempe, Arizona. We also offer a mix of in-person and remote Zoom training sessions for our Remote Viewing course and our Astral Traveling mini sessions. Scroll down to learn more.

QHHT Session


QHHT is a very powerful tool that allows us to communicate with the deepest layer of ourself to assist us with answering ones questions from within.

We can explore all aspects of an individuals life from purpose, to unique experiences, past life trauma and our unique powers within.

With the new understanding comes the ability to heal a wide array of mental and physical ailments.

We have explored a wide range of topics from multidimensional constructs, SSP, etherics, angels, non-domestic lifeforms, otherworldly beings and more.


  • QHHT Sessions are by appointment only in our Tempe office. 
  • QHHT sessions range from 4-6 hours and longer as needed. 
  • On the day of your session, start your day as you would normally and prepare yourself to enjoy the relaxing  experience.
  • Bring a single piece of paper questions you have for your higher self.
  • All sessions are audio recorded and the recording is available immediately after the session via download link or transfer.
  • Video Recording is available at request.


What to expect?

The best thing is release all expectations and enjoy the experience. Prepare a single sheet of paper with any and all question you may have for your Higher Self.

We will spend some time discussing your life and questions you have brought. You will then be guided into the most deep state of relaxation. The same relaxation you experience prior to going to sleep or just as you wake up.

Your Higher Self will choose the most appropriate  experience for you to learn and gain the understanding you seek.  You will have your recording to listen to and further gain understanding and healing each time you listen to it.


Certified Level 2 Qhht Session recording is available immediately after your session via download link.

Remote Viewing – Course

ABOUT Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is a method of utilizing ones conscious to shift perspective to experience local and non-local events throughout time and space.

Our course is an iteration of CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing) method utilized by the CIA and developed and popularized by Ingo Swann.

Remote Viewing in not simply viewing a scene. RV practitioners utilize all of their senses to see, hear, smell, taste and touch to capture and document data of an assigned task.

Get ready to travel the multiverse in your mind and document your findings in the process!


  • This 4 week course consists of four 1on1 class that are two hours each and include lecture, Q&A and practice.
  • Homework will be assigned between classes and completed at your own pace.
  • Remote Viewing documentation methods and RV Tasking Protocols will be covered.
  • Techniques for non-local image streamings.
  • Guided and Self Guided methods of traveling the astral.
  • How tones and frequencies can enhance your experience.


What to expect?

This overall personal pace set course will provide a fundamental understanding of Remote Viewing and self training techniques to enhance ones natural abilities.

Remote Viewing enhances our natural second sight ability and utilizes our natural empathic, telepathic, and bilocation abilities by changing our perspective.

Be prepared to work and explore numerous events and tasks throughout time and space.

Can be done in person or remote via zoom.

Remote Viewing 30 Days

This course will be over 30 days with daily homework and weekly 2 hour zoom meetings. Group Training is available. Please contact us.

Astral Travel – MINI SESSIONS


We are multidimesional beings of consciousness who can shift to new perspectives at will. Astral traveling is a natural event we experience as we relax at night and enter into a theta brain state and delta sleep. In this state of awareness one can see, hear, feel, smell and even taste the world around them. Not only can we experience events, we can create and manifest anything while learning about ourselves from within.


  • Astral Traveling Mini Sessions are 30 minute guided sessions where you will be able to see, hear, smell, feel and even taste the world around you.
  • Each session is 1-2 experience with discussion after the guided portion.
  • Session can be done solo or in groups.
  • Astral Travel Guided Sessions can be  booked in secession up to 2 hours and 4-6 unique experiences.
  • Custom guided sessions are available to gain new experience or enhance visualization training and skills.
  • Group Sessions are 1 hour minimum with 1-2 expereinces and discussion.
  • Group Sessions can be customized as well.

What to expect?

Astral Traveling sessions are a relaxing visualization experience that allows one to feel the natural theta state of ones mind and to see, smell, hear, feel and taste the world around them. No experience in mediation or visualization is required and the method is simple and easy to share with anyone.

Sessions can be done in person or remote via zoom.

Astral Travel 30min - 1hr Sessions

30 minute mini work sessions comprise of a single journey with after session discussion – . 1 Hour Session with 2-3 journeys and after session discussion. Contact us for group sessions or custom topics you would like to explore.


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