A soul's journey into remembering who you truly are.

What are your Gifts?

Every soul is born into this world with unique abilities, goals and lessons to learn… What are yours?

I had a phenomenal session with Jasen. He was able to guide me through several lives and help me connect the dots in how they were relevant to my current life. Being able to directly communicate with my highest self and to feel source energy was definitely my favorite part. I received incredible guidance and the entire experience was so special.”


“I have been an innate healer my entire life. I would help all the animals in the neighborhood. As I grew older, I became aware of how empathic I was and the intrinsic connection it creates with each and everything. Yet, I still never fully understood how deeply engrained these gifts were in my being. That was until I connected with some of the amazing lives I have lived, in the multiverse we are apart of.”


Some of our passions

We are all gifted creators with the ability to manifest our reality around us. What can we share with you?


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique allows people to access their Higher Self or Sub-Conscious to obtain a clearer understanding as to why things are they way that they are.

Remote Viewing

Travel the multiverse with your mind through a complete overview of the fundamentals of Remote Viewing and  it’s written documented methods.

Astral Travel

Access non-local image streaming and Astral Traveling to experience the unique sights, sounds, tastes and smells from the multiverse.


QHHT achieves the deepest state of hypnosis possible, somnambulistic trance or Theta brave wave state. People naturally enter Theta two times a day, as they wake up and as they fall asleep. When the brain is within a Theta, an individual can gain access to unique aspects of oneself. This includes previous lives or communicating with ones Higher Self to learn about the deepest aspects oneself and eventually heal oneself.

Crystal Pyramid with Gold Light
Crystal Pyramid with Gold Light

Remote viewing Course

Study an iteration of Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV), including the unique tasking methods, training techniques, written documentation styles and methodologies of Remote Viewing. This curriculum will include non-local image streaming, training homework and rapid induction methods for bi-location. Explore the multiverse from within in our Remote Viewing Class.

Astral TRavel

Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean

Reach out with consciousness and travel the multiverse to experience unique sights, smells and tastes of the worlds around you. Learn the basics tools of non-local image streaming and the language of the Subconscience in our mini sessions.


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